Dear PSK Hosting Customers,

This letter is to inform our VPS customers that we are aware that OpenVZ 6 is End-of-Life (EOL) in over a year (November 2019) and we have a concept to make sure all customers are migrated to the most up to date OpenVZ 7 platform, running on the new 3.10 kernels, much before the End of Life Date. In fact we anticipate completing the OpenVZ 6 > OpenVZ 7 migrations within the next 4 months from the time I am writing this message.

The first step is that we have migrated all of our VPS customers from our SolusVM control panel to Virtualizor. Virtualizor provides more features that our customers can enjoy but also seems to have better support and development for OpenVZ 7. This will pave the way for full OpenVZ 7 support on PSK Hosting's platform

Unfortunately, we do not have a timeframe, we are still devising a plan for the best way to migrate all of our OpenVZ 6 customers onto OpenVZ 7 nodes. We will email affected customers when we have a plan in place...

Once the upgrade has been completed successfully you will now be able to run Docker and newer OS's on your VPS due to the newer kernel version

EDIT Sept/15/2018: 

An e-mail has been sent to customers who are on older OpenVZ 6 nodes, with a migration plan/estimated downtime for migrating their VM into our OpenVZ 7 infrastructure

EDIT Dec/20/2018:

Mission accomplished! All VPS customers have been successfully migrated to our OpenVZ 7 nodes. All legacy OpenVZ 6 nodes have been retired.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

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